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HELLO! I hope you and your families are healthy and safe, please reach out if you need support in dealing with any of this, you are not alone. While it is not business as usual, and likely can't be for some time, I am completely committed to doing my absolute best to safely maintain the business that has supported my family for almost 10 years, to support other businesses in my community to bounce back and thrive, and to continue to freeze time, preserve memories and focus on JOY with my wonderful families - we all deserve some feel-good moments!


I am just as "over this" as you are BUT I will always look for ways to serve you, keep us safe and make the absolute BEST of this unbelievable situation.  Stay well friends.


UPDATE: February 5th 2022


OPEN + booking

branding and portrait sessions!

You can see a complete list of businesses allowed to open here.

I am beyond GRATEFUL for your support and patience, always so excited to see everyone!

Here's how things are working (right now!):

health + safety protocols

Protocols are based on guidance from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) website. 

These are subject to change as Public Health Restrictions tighten, change and/or are reduced.

no-contact measures:
  • Contracts, paperwork, questionnaires + payments are all done online.

  • Consultations + planning can all be done by phone, email or zoom.

  • With my lenses I can safely keep a 6ft (2m) physical distance.

  • If for some unforeseeable reason we need to be closer, I will wear a mask.

  • Final images are delivered by digital download in your private gallery.

  • Contracts now include a Health+Safety liability waiver.

  • People attending the photoshoot will use the Screening Tool to determine if your session can go ahead.

  • If anyone attending the photoshoot are unwell, have been diagnosed with or have come in contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID19, or have experienced any symptoms of unwellness within 14 days prior to the session, are awaiting test results or, under direction to quarantine - we will reschedule.

  • All people attending will not have travelled 14 days prior to the shoot date. 

  • We will observe 6ft (2m) physical distancing where possible, masks will be worn if physical distancing is not possible. 

  • I have hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes on hand. 

  • I will avoid bringing any props for now unless they can be properly sanitized, you may bring your own and I am happy to help give you ideas of what you can bring!

  • Sessions can take place outdoors, on your front porch, or in a public park (if allowed!). The studio remains closed for now.

  • Hugs, handshakes, hi-5s and chest bumps will have to wait (for now!)

  • If guidelines change from the PHAC, we will adjust accordingly and reschedule if necessary.

  • If you are being photographed with someone outside of your household or "family bubble/social circle" it is your responsibility and right to decide safe practices for yourselves.


Please let me know of any precautions you would like me to take that would make you feel comfortable prior to booking your session.

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