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frequently asked questions

What is a digital negative/digital file?

Digital collections (a set of digital files) are my most popular and most flexible product I offer because they allow you to print your own portraits more affordablly and share your them easily and for your own personal enjoyment. Files are delivered to you via email link to a site where you can download them directly to your computer. From there you can share the gallery directly with family and friends, you can download them to your phone, tablets and upload them to your social media accounts like facebook, instagram etc. The files are high resolution .jpg images. You have the option to download a second set of web resolution images which are smaller in size and better suited when storage is limited. The limitation of choosing a digital collection is that it relies on your initiative to get them printed! So often many clients puchase a digital collection with wall canvas or englargements so that they have the best of both worlds. I always recommend testing the print quality on one or 2 images before you print multiple copies since every printer is different and some are, quite frankly, AWFUL. Print results are not guaranteed to be consistent with anythign that you may have printed through me as I work with a professional print house.

Does our session fee include any prints or digital files/digital negatives?

Session fees typically cover the time it takes to plan your session, for the actual session/shooting time we are together and the time to greate your proof gallery. Products like digital files, prints and canvases are ordered a la carte after you see your proofs. I do have SOME collections and special portrait events where the session fees ARE included but those cases are clearly identified.

We are not comfotable in front of the camera, do you help us with posing?

If you feel this way, you are like 95% of my families and couples... the same people you see all over my website! They look pretty comfortable, don't they ;) so if you are feeling this way rest assured you are not alone and I am completely comfortable with putting everyone at ease, so leave that part to me. All I ask is that you come well rested and with open minds and hearts ready to have some fun!  Sometimes I will pose you, tell you where to stand or sit and guide you, other times I will snap away when you are naturally interacting together! I find this creates the best most versatile gallery of your beautiful family.

What do we wear? Like seriously what do we wear!?!?!?

Ok let's address the elephant in the room - admit it your everyone things white and jeans

A la Carte Portrait
LittleBen-Allison Clark Photography-114-PRINT_edited
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