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now booking summer 2022 onward...

hello lovelies...

I know the past year has taken so much for so many of you, and I am sure so many of you are wondering about the type of wedding you will be able to hold in the future. In all my years of photographing weddings - rain or shine - I could never have imagine this! But here we are, right? It doesn't change that you are in LOVE, doesn't change that want to get married and it doesn't change that something so special will always be one of the BEST reasons to celebrate!


I want you to believe that no matter what your celebration looks like, it will still be the BEST day ever for the very simple reason that it will be the first day of your new life together. So let's figure out a plan to make that happen for you.

big hugs, ally

wedding deers

the wedding experience

Congrats! You're engaged! Once you have confirmed your date, it's a great time to get in touch to make sure your date is available (some couples check with me before they book their venue!). Weddings are booked as much as 2 years ahead, and weekend dates are limited.


The wedding experience begins with a meeting at a local coffee shop (or a zoom call if ya know, we're in a pandemic! lol). We can get to know eachother, I can show you more of my work, go over my collections, my dog will bark and interrupt us, and I'll answer any questions you might have. Once your contract is signed and retainer is received your date is YOURS! Yippee... we said yes! 


We'll be in touch throughout your planning ESPECIALLY when it comes time to finalize your timeline - there are lots of details to cover + many moving parts and people to co-ordinte (good thing checklists make me HAPPY!). My couples are always suprised at how much there is to think about, but not to worry I have your back :)

On the big day we run with the timeline, handle what comes at us and most of all we'll have FUN, it's your day and I will be so excited to be there with you and will totally cry when you say your vows. I truly want you to be able to look at me thoughout the day and know you are in good hands and that you just need to enjoy the ride!

MrMrsKragten_Bride+Groom_Allison Clark Photography-101
MrMrsKragten_Bride+Groom_Allison Clark Photography-166
MrMrsKragten_Bride_Allison Clark Photography-240
MrMrsSayegh-Bride-Allison Clark Photography-108-PRINT
Craig+Nicole - Allison Clark Photography-705
Sam+Amelio_Wedding_Allison Clark Photography-53
MrMrsKragten_Groom_Allison Clark Photography-136
Edited Image 2016-01-29 20-24-31
Craig+Nicole - Allison Clark Photography-658
MrMrsKragten_Bride_Allison Clark Photography-115
Sam+Amelio_Wedding_Allison Clark Photography-45
MrMrsKragten_Bride+Groom_Allison Clark Photography-176
MrMrsKragten_Bride+Groom_Allison Clark Photography-160
Craig+Nicole - Allison Clark Photography-333
MrMrsKragten_Bride_Allison Clark Photography-100
Sam+Amelio_Wedding_Allison Clark Photography-27
MrMrsKragten_Bride+Groom_Allison Clark Photography-158
Edited Image 2016-01-29 20-26-47
Sam+Amelio_Wedding_Allison Clark Photography-50
Sam+Amelio_Wedding_Allison Clark Photography-22
MrMrsKragten_Bride+Groom_Allison Clark Photography-196
Wedding-turquoise-truck-AllisonClarkPhotography -1-6.jpg
Sam+Amelio_Wedding_Allison Clark Photography-12
MrMrsKragten_Bride_Allison Clark Photography-119
Craig+Nicole - Allison Clark Photography-530
MrMrsKragten_Bride_Allison Clark Photography-101
KS Wedding-AllisonClarkPhotography-1.jpg
Craig+Nicole - Allison Clark Photography-645
MrMrsKragten_Bride_Allison Clark Photography-247
Craig+Nicole - Allison Clark Photography-304
MrMrsKragten_BridalParty_Allison Clark Photography-112
Craig+Nicole - Allison Clark Photography-648
MrMrsKragten_Bride+Groom_Allison Clark Photography-113
MrMrsKragten_Bride+Groom_Allison Clark Photography-131
MrMrsKragten_Bride+Groom_Allison Clark Photography-181
Wedding-turquoise-truck-AllisonClarkPhotography -1-3.jpg
Craig+Nicole - Allison Clark Photography-965
MrMrsKragten_Bride_Allison Clark Photography-192
Sam+Amelio_Wedding_Allison Clark Photography-68
Wedding-turquoise-truck-AllisonClarkPhotography -2-2.jpg
MrMrsKragten_Bride_Allison Clark Photography-300
Sam+Amelio_Wedding_Allison Clark Photography-51



"We have to say the greatest thank you to YOU. We LOVED having you as our photographer and we love our pictures! You made the day go so smoothly, even with the rain!"

- andrea+ezio

thanks for the love!


Wedding coverage is $4000 and includes: 2 professional wedding photographers, 6 hours of continuous wedding day coverage and unlimited retouched ready-to-print digital negatives delivered in a private online gallery. Additional hours may be added if necessary.

An Elopement/Intimate Wedding Collection with 3 hours of coverage is also available starting at $2300.


If we decide to meet up for a coffee (or have a virtual coffee date!), I can show you full wedding galleries, chat about the hours of coverage you might need to cover the main events, go through a rough timeline, share how to get the BEST wedding day portraits and hear about all of your sweet details. I know this stuff can be overwhelming so feel free to message me and we can figure out just the right plan for you!

wedding gift registry

Guests are welcome to purchase a gift card in your name as a wedding present! (unless you are hoping for that 3rd gravy boat, haha).

Gifts will be applied to your account and after the wedding you can decide on some fun extras!

You can include on your registry list and they can place an order on the Wedding Registry Page.

From the moment we met, you've been simply amazing! Your support throughout this journey & genuine excitement was more than we could have asked for! You were so great with all of us yesterday! We can't wait to see our [wedding] pictures! 

Thank you so much & we hope to work with you again soon!

-Jess + Carl

thanks for the love

Thank you so very much for the beautiful photography of our wedding, the wonderful energy and the warm spirit you are! You made the most special day of our lives more amazing by caputuring it. We consider you not only our photographer (bring on the baby  pictures!) but a great friend, we just love you to bits!

-Jenna + Rami

Ally I have NO WORDS!!!!  OMG OMG OMG! They are so absolutely amazing! You are sooooooo talented


[guess she liked her wedding gallery lol]

-Cassy + Peter

engagement sessions

Now this is where we get to have some fun! The time up to your wedding is so special. It's also when you are the most crazy busy with all the details, but taking time out just to focus on eachother, have some fun and remember why you are doing this is SO important. This is just the beginning of your very own family, let's celebrate and capture that.


Engagement sessions are also a great way for US to get to know eachother, we'll be spending a lot of time together on your big day! To make portrait times go as smooth and efficiently as possible, you'll learn how I shoot and get tips on how to be natural in front of the camera. All kinds of goodness right there!

Wedding contact form

 tell me about your day!


Georgetown, ON

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