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 hello there...

My name is Allison, but you can call me Ally! Thanks for stopping by, I am a portrait, wedding and branding photographer located in Georgetown, Ontario in the greater area of Halton Hills. Welcome to my world and everything I *big puffy heart* about it, I'm so glad you're here...

 live the life 

you dreamed  

- Henry David Thoreau



If you think my hands are full, you should see my


my work.

I love taking pictures. I love working with families, proud mamas & papas, couples in LOVE and entrepreneurs rockin' their businesses. I get a kick out of looking through my lens and focusing in on what is important, special, unique, discovering something new each time. I love striking gold in the middle of a shoot (and I will always be excited to tell you that moment!). I love wandering and following and seeing what you don't. I am addicted to the moment when you see your proofs for the first time, I love hearing you say "omgee! did you?...when did you?... where were you....?" I love helping you pick your favs and finding creative ways for you to show off your gorgeous fam. I am humbled by your incredible thank you notes and EVERY time you think to refer people to me. I always love keeping in touch and seeing you again when everyone's grown up just a little bit more. I have the most amazing couples and families, makes my work that much sweeter, would love to get to know you too!  



my loves.

our fur baby.

Meet our Rosco the Cockapoo. The kids say I have way more pictures of him than I do of them... they could be onto something lol. But just look at that face!

 my fun facts.

  • I am a sap. I cry at old pictures… and new ones, weddings, commercials, quotes, cards, happy news, sad news, goodbyes and random acts of kindness. Basically I should be wearing a fanny pack with tissues at all times #hotlook

  • Peanut butter & chocolate. Enough said. 

  • I love LOVE, especially that kind when good people show up in your life and never leave your side.

  • My middle name is HOPE. My mum named me that because she says “everyone needs a little hope in the world”, mums are always right.

  • I adore ADORE children. Always wanted to be a teacher, but I volunteer at my kids' schools and I get to hang with kiddos though my work so it’s the next best thing!

  • I lose my keys at least twice a week #thestruggleisreal.

  • The cottage is one my favourite places on earth. I’m grateful when we can unplug a little and live simply.

  • I spoke fluent Chinese until I was about 5, now sadly I can only remember counting to 10 and "grapes".

  • Pinterest is the way I know I am a hoarder at my core (btw follow me!).

  • Checklists make me happy.  

  • You can always fit at least 11 more things in a full dishwasher.

  • I am SO grateful to have an awesome business that fuels my creative spirit and supports my family. I would be nothing without the love of my kids motivate me, my friends and family to believe in me, my ah-mazing clients who allow me to do what I love, last but never least, my wonderful hubby for holding my hand no-matter-what while I try to make it ALL work somehow... xx

  • Did I mention chocolate and peanut butter? ;)

my charities.

I've been a proud supporter of My Sister's Pink Pajama Party since 2010, supporting The Weekend to End Women's Cancers. These amazing ladies and amazing event are truly inspirational! I also love supporting various fundraisers, and events thoughout the year including the Georgetown Hospital Foundation, Georgetown Car Rally, Tristen Silva and the Jeffrey Fleeton Memorial Tournament, schools & sport teams.

my group.

Running your own business is not for the faint of heart! I put more hours and energy into my biz then any other job I've ever had and because I love it, it's totally worth it! Having said that - I LOVE to take pictures & working with people - and don't necessarily looove all the other parts of "running" a small business. I have been a member of the Cornerstone Women's Network since 2013 and my girls there have been a huge resource for all things business and support when you are doing it on your own. We also work for various charities and fundraisers like the Georgetown Hospital Foundation and put on just plain fun events like our Ladies of the 80s party and Annual Golf tournament. Stop by and check us out, better yet if you are a small business owner, join us!

The meaning of life

is to find your


the purpose of life

is to share them.

now enough about me,

tell me about you!