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your first 10 posts

You have all these new gorgeous photos! Now what?!

This can sometimes be when overwhelm takes over and you just freeze. I want to build some great momentum so let me help you get started with your first 10 social posts! I'm taking all the thought-work and planning out of the equation for you. The following posts ...

 and a sample monthly calendar that you can modify and customize to your hearts content.

EDIT::You can post 1 every day you can post 2-3 times a week, whatever you feel works for you.

Copy and paste the text

Save in your notes folder so you can copy and past day off

Dealing with hashtags


**PICK 10 Of these as sample posts - the rest can be listed as extra inspiration below

3 get to know me fun facts

Share your perspective as a business owner (mistakes, lessons learned, something you wish you did early on

Share a benefit of your product/service

Share your brand message/mission/ your why

Introduce your team

Share a client testimonial

Show a client using your product/service *working with a client

Answer an FAQ

Thank your followers/ Welcome new ones

Share a promotion

Share an event you attended

Share an event you are promoting 

share your collaborations

Share a before and after/ transformations

Share a business milestone/ Throwback to where you started

Show a tool of the trade

INSPIRE Share an inspirational quote

Show your product/service

Promote your newsletter/other socials

Share a BTS

Share some industry news

Share a myth or misconception about your industry/product/service

Ask for recommendations (i.e. books)

Ask for advice or an opinion on something

Share your space

TIP of the day/how to use your product

Share a hack

Share a fill in the blank post. "If I could start my business again ------ ---------  -------- would be the first 3 things I would do.

Talk about your why - ASK for theirs

Holiday posts/ Fun hashtag holidays

Share something you love/family/pets

Share your favourite things/products/ tools of the trade

How do your products help people

Ask people to share a struggle/ something they need help with

A day in the life

How you've solved a problem

Admin/Housekeeping (your hours of service, location etc

TEACH Give a Tutorial - help your audience

Upcoming events/launches/ new products


Ask an icebreaker question/ this or that?

Refresh, revamp and re use old content

OTHER TIPS for growth:

When you post - stick around and interact/respond to any comments.

While you are waiting.... go comment on at least 10 of your ideal audiences posts. Make it meaningful. Teach people how to interact with YOU too. (5-10 stories as well)

Post some stories (share your post, share other's posts). Use some engagement stickers to get people to interact with you!

Reply to your dms

Find 3-5 new accounts to follow

Delete any fake accounts/spam followers.

Research 3-5 new hashtags, add them to your lists 

Create video content


create a google calendar of thigns to post, add monthly/weekly/ annual reoccurrences 

---- add your community dates, business dates, holidays and fun hashtags

Keyboard shortcuts

photo albums on your phone

add captions to each photo


map out your content for the next month

figure out if you need to create any content.

Screenshot your follower counts

Photo Selection TIP:

Select a beautiful headshot image - welcoming smile, facing the camera so there is good eye connection.

post #1: Introduce yourself!

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Hashtag Inspiration: (you can use up to 30!)

#describewhatsintheimagebecontentspecific #yourcompanyname #yourindustry #nameofyourproduct #relevantcommunityhashtags #relevantnichehastags #describewhatyourdreamclientwouldsearchfor #yourcity #yourcommunity #yourserviceareas #yourlocationnameofyourproduct #nameofyourservice #yourlocationnameofyourservice #allisonclarkbrandphotographer


I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Hashtag Inspiration: (you can use up to 30!)

#yourcompanyname #yourcity #yourcommunity #yourservicearea #yourindustry #nameofyourproduct #yourlocationnameofyourproduct #nameofyourservice #yourlocationnameofyourservice #allisonclarkbrandphotographer

Photo Selection TIP:

Select a...

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